What does 30 before 30 mean? For me, it’s seeing a game at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums, before I turn 30.

Major League Baseball team map

Here is where I will document my journey to make that goal happen.

Over the next few months I will be posting stories of experiences I have had at MLB stadiums. When I go to a new stadium, I will also write about that here.

I turned 25 back in February and so far I have been to 11 ballparks. Getting to all 30 MLB stadiums before I turn 30 may seem like a tough task. After all, that’s 19 stadiums in 5 years I have to visit to achieve my 30 for 30 goal.

2018 will be a fairly busy year for me. A July road trip is planned to knock out 5 additional ballparks. These are St. Louis, Kansas City, Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Chicago (NL) (in that order) is well in the works. But that won’t be the end as there is a plan to go to Toronto in September. So if all goes as planned we will be at 17 by next season’s end.

In 2017 I added Arizona, San Diego, Anaheim, Philadelphia, and Baltimore (in that order). So it’s simple, really. Visit 5 new ballparks a year. The plan is save vacation days for these trips and only go to cities with MLB teams. Sorry, Vegas.

Oh, you’re probably wondering about the other six ballparks I’ve been to. They’re Cleveland (home), Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington, and Chicago (AL)

Side note: I’ve also been to Washington’s old stadium, RFK Stadium.

To read about a stadium just click on any one of the tabs under the Ballpark Journals tab.

Come along with me, as I go across America to make this bucket list dream come true!

-Evan Lewis