30 before 30

I have a personal goal to see all 30 MLB parks before I turn 30. This was a goal I set for myself in 2017 at the age of 24. I didn’t see a lot of ballparks as a kid, so here’s how the progress has looked so far.

2003-2014: My first MLB game was in 2003. In this time I only attended games at 4 MLB parks. Those were Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago (AL), and Pittsburgh.

2015-2016: The list slightly grows a little, thoughts of 30 before 30 aren’t even in my head yet. 2015 saw Washington checked off and 2016 was Detroit for the first time. Detroit honestly felt a little overdue looking back.

2017: This is the summer I made the goal of seeing a game at all 30 MLB parks before I turned 30. The inspiration was drawn from my first two ballpark trips that summer. Arizona, San Diego, and LA Angels were done in April. Philadelphia and Baltimore were done in June. Total ballparks at the year: 11. Nearly doubling my total.

2018: A pretty big dent was out in the total. The Midwest Baseball Fest (mentioned elsewhere on this site) took me to St. Louis, Kansas City, Minnesota, Milwaukee and Chicago (NL) in July. I crossed the border in September and knocked out Toronto. All in all, 6 new ballparks and 17 total.

2019: the pace slowed down a little bit. Atlanta in June and a trip to the Sunshine State in September for Miami in Tampa Bay. 20 going into 2020. I was still on a good pace.

2020: thanks Covid-19. So much of that big dream.

2021: things might be on track again. Seattle in May was 21. Denver will be number 22 in August. We won’t be done there though. I’m really trying to make up for last year. Both New York stadiums and Boston are planned for September. That will bring the life total at year end to 25.

2022: I will turn 29 in February. If I’m at 25 ballparks, it will be extremely difficult to not finish it out then. The 5 remaining will be the two in Texas. While the other 3 will be in California. Those being Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland.

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