Planning A Ballpark Trip

The Short Story

This is if you don’t have time to read the whole thing (or just don’t care enough to go much further).

Last December, I was in a group text with two of my closest friends from Indians Twitter, Andy and Kyle. My memory of how exactly everything went down is a little foggy, but eventually the subject of a baseball road trip came up.

After doing the research, we agreed upon the first week of July, when Andy’s schedule would be free of high school sportswriting. The trip would include St. Louis, Kansas City, Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Chicago (Wrigley), in order.

Over time in the winter, I booked the AirBNBs for the trip. We were lucky enough that somebody offered us a place to stay near Kansas City to help save on lodging. I’ll get more into details on that later on in the article.

Later on, I asked my friend Gary if he wanted to partake in the trip. He’s also a diehard baseball fan, and the trip involved his favorite team twice, the Atlanta Braves.

To read the whole story, scroll over top of the Midwest Baseball Fest Tab and click on Planning A Ballpark Trip!


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