Day 3, Kansas City

Today was a pretty long day to say the least. But it was another day for the vacation books.

After a solid night of sleep at our AirBnb in St. Louis, we headed out for breakfast at a local place called the Kingside Diner

The Kingside Diner

The Kingside Diner is a quaint area west of downtown St. Louis. It’s actually across the street from a chess hall of fame with a giant chess board out front. The whole area is like a chess player’s paradise. Tables outside everywhere have chess boards to play a game.

For my breakfast, I got The Johnny Cash. Maple cashew butter, bacon, and banana between two pieces of French toast and French fries or hash browns.

The Johnny Cash

With delicious meals now in our stomachs it was off to drop our stuff at the place we are staying at near KC.

While we are going to three games at Kaufmann Stadium between the Royals and Indians, we’re actually staying an hour north of KC, in St. Joseph.

I was fortunate enough to have my friend Jenni, who I met through Twitter offer us a place to crash. All of us agreed free lodging is worth it, even with an hour drive and back to a game each night.

We got to Jenni’s place right about 4 in the afternoon, took our belongings in, and got ourselves aquatinted with one another. Then it was off to The K for the game.

What’s unique about The K is it’s not in or near downtown KC. This makes parking easier in my opinion because you aren’t on crowded streets that sometimes only go one way trying to find a parking spot. They had a good system going in KC, too.

My first experience seeing a game at The K was phenomenal. It was the cleanest park I’ve ever been in, and the staff was super friendly and accommodating. The kind of accommodating where they go out of their way to help you without being prompted. We are back there the next two nights so I’m already looking forward to that.

The K

Once the game was over it was back to Jenni’s. Since we’re on vacation and we’re still young, none of us went to sleep right away. Instead, we just hung out in the living room.

At some point, it was mentioned that there was a Denny’s right down the road. It’s become a running joke about Denny’s because I made a comment on Saturday night about the bread on one their sandwiches being “top notch.” Honestly, the comment wasn’t that funny. For whatever reason though, Kyle thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. Now the comment I made has taken on a life of its own.

So for the second time in three nights, this time at 1:30am, it was off to Denny’s. This time accompanied with our new friend, Jenni, I got the same thing again, the bread wasn’t as top notch that time.

Then it was back home. For the second night in a row, we ended the night with a few episodes of Parks and Rec.

Ron Swanson has become sort of a cult hero on this trip.

Tomorrow we really get to explore KC. It should be a fun time.

-Evan Lewis