Day 4, Kansas City

Kansas City is turning out to be quite the city. We woke up late yesterday morning, but still had a fun filled day.

The day started with us driving into the city to check out one of KC’s most famous bbq joints, Arthur Bryant’s. If you’ve never had KC bbq, you’re missing out!

Arthur Bryant’s is a KC BBQ staple.

I got a KC delicacy, burnt ends, with fresh cut fries. Top notch stuff. It fills you up for the day.

After lunch, it was off to the Negro Leagues Museum. Being baseball fans, we figured it was important to check out part of the history of the game.

Walking around the museum, I realized how popular the Negro Leagues and some of its players were. It also reminded you of a darker time in America. When racism was widely accepted and just a part of normal, everyday life. If you consider yourself a baseball fan, I recommend you go there sometime.

We talked to the assistant director at the museum for a few minutes before leaving. The gentleman had several good stories. Many of them about players like Satchel Paige and Hank Aaron. I could’ve listened to him for hours tell stories about baseball.

Our next stop was the Boulevard Brewery. Gary is big into breweries because he hosts a craft beer podcast back home. This place was larger than I expected it to be, actually. Unfortunately, we got their too late in the day to take a tour of how they make their beer.

Then it was off to our third and final stop of the day, back to Kauffman Stadium. When we got to the parking lot, we appropriately blasted Royals in the car.

I fell more in love with Kauffman Stadium and the area around it. Why? You can actually play catch in the parking lot.

The game was another Indians victory. Yan Gomes’ grand slam was their second in as many games. I really can’t say enough how friendly all the staff members are there. It’s almost scary.

One more day in Kansas City. We’re gonna try to make the most of it.