Day 6, Minnesota

The sixth day of our trip consisted of our longest drive of the trip. Kansas City to Minneapolis is a little more than a six hour drive, straight shop up I-35 north. It can also be a boring drive, since you’re going through all of Iowa.

Kyle had driven the entire way to this point, so I told him I would take over and give him a break. I like long drives. I’m one of those people that doesn’t like to stop, unless he absolutely has to either for gas or my bladder is about to literally explode. On this drive we would stop twice.

Our AirBNB for this juncture of the trip was in South Minneapolis. Originally we were suppose to stay a half hour north of Minneapolis in White Bear Lake, but I changed lodging plans to help save some drive time.

Minneapolis has a pretty good sized metro system with a light rail that stops at all major places downtown. Conveniently, our AirBNB was located only a half mile away from a light rail station. Paying five dollars to ride the train beats paying twenty dollars to park and deal with the hassle of downtown traffic. It was pretty nice having the train drop us literally right outside the stadium.

Target Field is a nice ballpark that’s perfectly nestled into downtown Minneapolis. It’s got its own unique charm. Summer’s in Minnesota are absolutely gorgeous, and it was the perfect night for a baseball game. Afterwards, we headed out to sports bar downtown for a few drinks before taking the light rail back to our AirBNB.

Since I have now been to Minnesota in the summertime, I don’t understand why people who live in the north go south for the summer. It gets pretty hot some days in the Midwest. Florida is also hot in the summer. Go north in the summer to cool off and south in the winter to warm up.

Unfortunately we were on too tight of a schedule to really do anything else in Minneapolis. I wanted to do to the Mall of America, but it just wasn’t going to work if we wanted to make it to Milwaukee at a reasonable time.