I like to be as positive as I can about every ballpark on this site if I can. However, I’m not going to mince words here. Miller Park was a disappointment, and I even had someone tell me it wasn’t that great! Sure it’s not the worst park I’ve been to, but out of all the ones I’ve been to so far there aren’t many behind it.

Miller Park has been the home of the Milwaukee Brewers since 2001.

One reason I was stupidly interested in going to Miller Park was their retractable roof. I always wanted to watch a baseball game indoors. I’ll hit on that again later in the article.

My friend Tamara is a diehard Cubs fan who grew up in Chicago and now lives in Wisconsin. She had been to plenty of games at Miller Park before I even planned the Midwest Baseball Fest of 2018.  Tamara had expressed her disdain for Miller Park on multiple occasions to me and each time I just sort of brushed it off thinking it could not be that bad. Boy, was I wrong.

Before I go any further in my Miller Park “bashing”, let me give you some positives. I don’t hate the Brewers. Their 2018 team was fun to watch and I was actually rooting for them to beat the Dodgers in the NLCS. They have some of the most loyal and under-appreciated fans in MLB. You could tell when sold out for playoff games Miller Park had one of the best atmospheres in baseball. We also can’t forget the pregame tailgates Brewers fans hold in the parking lot before every game. Miller Park has got to have the best tailgate in the Majors.

Now back to the stadium itself. July 2018 was my first trip to Miller Park and the state of Wisconsin itself. Miller was leg 5 of the 6 leg Midwest Baseball Fest. We had been in Minnesota the night before and left Friday morning for that evening’s game between the Brewers and Braves. Miller is also fairly easy to reach, too. It is not in downtown Milwaukee, so parking premiums are not as high.

I mentioned in the second paragraph one of my weirder reasons for visiting Miller Park was its retractable roof. If you think about the weather Milwaukee can get in April and September (October if they’re in the postseason), a retractable roof makes perfect sense to have. Much to my disappointment, the weather was perfect the night I was there. The roof was left open.

The roof was open the night I went.

The biggest gripe I have with Miller is it’s way too big for it’s seating capacity. County Stadium was the Brewers home from 1970-1999. Miller is much larger than it’s predecessor in terms of sheer size. County Stadium actually had a higher seating capacity. It may be hard to believe when you look at a picture of the two side by side.

The old County Stadium next to Miller Park during the current park’s construction. Photo credit to

When I was walking around the stadium concourse, nothing seemed to stick out to me. There weren’t any spectacular sight lines or features to see. I struggled to find something I liked food wise besides the cheese curds. I really wish I had more to remember, but there was not much worth remembering my first time at Miller. It was cool to see Bernie Brewer’s slide though.

Bernie Brewer’s slide.
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